Most of the people love shopping but especialy when it’s sale. It can bring you so much joy! I know for sure at it brings me joy! This weekend I was at the pre-summer sale event at Bataviastad (Leylstad). Bataviastad was the first fashion outlet with many luxurious brands in the Netherlands. I will give you an example of the brandsstores: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Guess, Tommy Hilfigher, Hugo Boss and many more.

Bataviastad just renewed and added more brandstores. So if you a near to Lelystad just hop by and explore this fashion outlet for yourself.

In this blog i also want to give you guys some advice about sale shopping. We all know the facts that you buy an item on sale and it’s a bad bargain. The worst thing later on is that it’s hanging in your closet with the pricetag on. That is realy a waste of money. From now on you are going to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Can i mix and match this item with 5 things in my closet?
2. Do i have to buy other items to match with this item?
3. Do i realy need this? Or should i invest in a more expensive item?

The reason why you should ask your self those question is to protect yourself for a bad bargain. Because it is wasting money on items your not going to wear. In the future i’m going to give some workshops about: thinking outside of the box (mix and match). I will keep you guys posted when the workshop is available.

If you guys have quastions feel free to send me an email at:

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